First produced by Agent 160 at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff (2014)

'Woman in the Waves' or 'Ondine' by Paul Gaugin, 1899

'Woman in the Waves' or 'Ondine' by Paul Gaugin, 1899

"The heart is like a knife she said.
It will cut you through.
You must cut it out.
You must be like the howl in the wind, the foam on the sea.
You must be nothing.
Or they will find you. "

Rusalka has never felt at home in Odessa. The bright lights and the glamorous nightclubs have lost their appeal. When one of her clients, a gentle English man, gets himself into a tricky situation with the Russian Mafia, Rusalka rescues him and they fall deeply in love. Or so she thinks ...

After a long and dangerous journey, Ruslka finds herself alone and abandoned in grey and rainy England. Can she win back her Prince Charming and secure the life of her dreams?

A short play about trying to find your place in a world that is not your own.

Click here to download a copy of the script.

Little Mermaid was orginally commissioned by Agent 160 for their 2014 Fun Palace and supported by the Arts Council of Wales.