First produced by Dirty Market at Theatro Technis, London (2005)

Photo by Mikhail Dudarev/Hemera / Getty Images
Photo by Mikhail Dudarev/Hemera / Getty Images

“Is it really worth it? I mean look at her. She’s no better than an animal, a stupid dumb animal. If I saw a dog in that condition, I'd shoot it.”  

Set some time soon, in what is for some a perfect world.

Paul has it all. Now he needs to bag himself a wife. However his plan to propose is scuppered when he and his girlfriend Madeline discover a dying girl on the edge of the forest.

Madeline leaves to get help. Left stranded, Paul begins to discover some uncomfortable truths about the world in which he lives, but with the wounded girl's life ebbing away and Madeline's return with the police imminent, time is running out. Will Paul have the courage to follow his heart?

A play about realising that the world is not what it seems.


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