First produced by Papercut Theatre at Theatre 503, London (2010)

So you see, we’re not the same old conservative party as we were before. We’re no Thatcherites in liberal clothing. We won’t be slashing the arts left, right and centre. No. Quite the opposite, in fact. We’ve found a way to make arts funding more democratic, more transparent and less bureaucratic.  A way to  give you, the consumer, a real say in the kind of art that should be funded. ”  

On 15 September 2010, the Amnesty Award Winning playwright Sarah Grochala gave a speech on behalf of the conservative party. She was going to write a play, a proper play in which characters argued the pros and cons of both sides of the argument, but no-one could afford to pay for one.

A short play about arts funding.


Click here to download a copy of the script.

Standing Out of the Light has been produced by:
Papercut Theatre at Theatre 503, London and the Tristan Bates Theatre, London (2010).
Capital Theatre Festival at the Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham (2010).